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Elegant, dainty, effortless.  The Margaret Top rewrites the classic cinched waist we all know and love. 


The Sleeves: We chose to make this sleeve 3/4 lengths so that the bell would add a unique twist without getting in the way.  


The Buttons: Carefully crafted by hand, the covered buttons and elastic loops allow for easy access for nursing moms.  For a different look, the top can be layered on top of a t shirt or dress unbuttoned as a sleek, plush cardigan.


The Shape: Pulling together Heavenly and Earthly motherhood, the v neckline harkens back to the v neckline in the wrap tunics our lady would likely have worn as a layer in her clothing.  While growing up, Veronica's own mom wore matching 90s floral sets and dresses that cinched in at the waist and remind her of home. 


Fabric content: Silk

The Margaret Top, Red

  • Spot clean with warm water and baby shampoo.

    Dry clean for a full clean.

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