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  • What does "made-to-measure" mean?"
    "Made-to-measure" is a term that describes our production process. Each garment we make is tailored to the specific measurements of the woman purchasing it, meaning each item is custom made and unique. This ensures extremely high-quality clothing that is fits like a glove, while simultaneously ensuring that we do not produce products could end up in a landfull if unsold.
  • How do I collect my own measurements?
    We know that this might be a new step in the process of buying clothing for yourself, but we promise once you give it a try, you'll see that it's easy and worth it! For a step-by-step guide on how to take your own measurements, please watch the video below.
  • What if my order arrives and it doesn't fit?
    Our technology greatly reduces the likelihood that your garment will not fit you properly if you provide the correct measurements, but we understand that human error can occur and we ask for your understanding as well if that were to happen. Please see our "shipping and returns" page for more info.
  • What does "ethically made" and "sustainably functional" mean?"
    At Litany, it is of utmost importance to us to uphold the dignity of each person that will design, produce, or wear our garments as well as be good stewards of the earth and its resources. Therefore, we take the extra steps to work with suppliers in the US who pay their workers a fair wage and produce high-quality, natural fabrics. We price our garments to reflect the reality that doing things right requires a bit more money in every step of the process. "Sustainably functional" fashion refers to a unique attribute of most of our garments: they are made to be worn in many different ways. We believe that in order to adopt a slower and more intentional approach to fashion, clothing should be able to change and adapt to different settings, seasons of life, and simply the whims of the wearer, so that we do not need so many one-dimensional garments in our closets.
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