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At Litany, we care about more than just how our clothing looks. We are committed to striving for the best possible practices for:


-Our pricing allows us to pay our suppliers and our team more than a fair wage.

-All of our suppliers are based in the USA and ensure ethical working conditions.

-Every garment is hand sewn by a small team of sewers in NYC.

-Our made-to-measure model promotes inclusivity.

-Litany is female owned and operated.

The Planet

-Our entire supply chain exists within the USA. Namely, NYC and California.


-78% of our fabrics are made of natural fibers such as silk and cotton.

-We've reduced our custom fabrics, opting to use fabrics that are already made whenever possible.

-Our laser cutting technology allows for our pattern pieces to be cut closer together, which conserves fabric and lessens wastage. 

our souls

-We believe you are more than just a body; you're a body and soul composite and our clothing speaks to both.

-Our garments are modest and dignifying.

-Our collections are inspired by spiritual realities that are meant to draw your soul to God.

-We embrace authentic femininity while acknowledging the uniqueness of the individual wearer. 

the fashion industry

-We are vocal advocates for slow fashion, educating our audience on social media about the impacts of fast-fashion.

-We have completely transparent pricing for every item on our website.

-We are open about our supply chain practices and think all brands should be as well.

-We strive to still remain accessible and affordable so we can provide a practical alternative to fast-fashion.

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