Meet the Makers

Growing up on opposite sides of the country, it was unlikely that Veronica and Olivia would ever meet.  What made it even more unlikely was that Veronica went to the technically focused college of the Fashion Institute of Technology, while Olivia studied at the conceptually based Parsons The New School for Design.  But because they were both seeking a faith community, their paths soon crossed.  


What started as a friendship over Christ, coffee and conscious clothing soon blossomed into a business idea as they both experienced the problems facing the fashion industry first hand.  Upon discussing the issues of fast fashion with their friends they found the typical consumer had few alternatives. There was a gap between high-end ready to wear and fast fashion that no one in the industry was tapping into.  


They thought that if they could change the system of how things were produced, they could provide each woman with an intentional, beautiful garment that was worthy of wearing.  At Litany, we believe that each woman deserves clothing that inspires a sense of awe within her daily life, so we carefully craft our garments instead of mass-producing them, utilizing custom measurements with pattern making technology to make each garment unique.  Our clothes are a reflection of the truth, beauty and goodness we find in our faith and want to share with you.  


Welcome to Litany.  We’re so happy to have you.