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Crafted in sumptuous silk charmeuse, this double sided scarf is threaded through with the theme of joy’s birth through suffering in the home of the Holy Family.  Mary and Joseph knew their “yes” to be the parents of the Messiah meant a “yes” to Calvary. They were familiar with the prophecies of the suffering servant in the Psalms and Isaiah. This design reflects the continuity between the Nativity and the Passion of Christ.


  • The gold border points to the royal priesthood of Christ as a descent from King David and perfected on the cross.
  • The crown of thorns surrounding the Holy Family with butterflies nearby symbolize the promise of the resurrection through Christ's coming Passion.
  • Peonies are the flower of the Holy Spirit, representing Mary and Joseph’s response to the will of God with Mary's overshadowing by the Holy Spirit.
  • The lilies represent the fruitfulness of virtue and love within the pure marriage of Mary and Joseph.
  • The olive plant represents the anointing of kings. The infant King’s anointing is beyond the gifts of the Three Wisemen: Christ’s willing obedience during his agony in the Garden of Olives (the Garden of Gethsemane) is an anointing with his holy, bloodied sweat. 


The Holy Family’s humble and hidden suffering is an act of redemption from the exile, rejection, and messy manger to the flight into Egypt. The blooming flowers interspersed throughout the design reflect the joy which bursts forth from suffering within family life.


We hope this scarf can be a tangible reminder that we are safe within the home of the Holy Family, even as we carry our daily cross.

The Holy Family Scarf - 40" by 40"

SKU: SholyfamL

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