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The Dymphna Top


A tender embrace; enveloping with a gentle touch.    The draped and cascading Dymphna Top envelopes the wearer with a soft silk that caresses the body, pointing to the reverence with which our hearts long to be held. Inspired by St. Dymphna, patron saint of mental illness and anxiety, the criss-cross panels convey our need to be wrapped up and comforted while the cascading waterfall ruffle symbolizes our calling to extend ourselves to others as well. The high neck-line and pearlescent buttons add a polished and elegant touch that sets this top apart from the crowd. And if you’re in a season of wrapping up a little one to nurse, the criss-cross panels part to reveal easy access for breastfeeding mothers.


How to wear: Wrap yourself in the Dymphna top and slip on some wide leg pants to contrast the delicate silhouette, or wear under a blazer for a softening feminine touch. 


The Dymphna Top in Tulip

  • Made of 100% silk, we highly recommend dry cleaning. For small spots, clean with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and rinse. Hang to dry and steam to release wrinkles. 

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