The St. Raphael 100% silk pocket square is perfect for the rugged traveler or history buff in your life.


In the book of Tobit, St. Raphael plays a large role in guiding and uniting two lovers, making him the patron saint of travelers and happy meetings. How romantic! The pocket square features sketches from Leonardo DaVinci's plans for an ideal city because, well, we love art history and it is a nod to dreamers, travelers, and all those with wanderlust. The words "today and ever after" are written in cursive around the border and are pulled from scripture when Tobiah marries Sarah and it is declared, "she is yours today and forever after." These words remind us of the movie "Ever After," which is a story of two people calling each other to greatness, especially in service to one another.


The name "Raphael" means "God Has Healed," so we love this as a gift idea for a couple that has experience or is currently experiencing great healing, or is in need of it.

St. Raphael Pocket Square

  • 100% Silk Twill

    Designed & Made in the USA

    9.75" x 9.75"

  • Hand Wash in Cold Water with Baby Shampoo (Unscented/ Undyed)

    Hang to Dry

    Steam to Release Wrinkles

    Do Not Bleach

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