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Introducing our luxurious Divine Mercy Scrunchie featuring our custom Litany print. This 100% luminous silk scrunchie is sumptuous and buttery soft, making it gentle on your hair while still holding a tight grip. 


Saint Joseph Scarf Design - Wooden details inspired by the art of marquetry combine to create intricate motifs which call to mind St. Joseph's work as a carpenter. A lion of Judah medallion symbolizing St. Joseph's lineage is flanked by two fava bean plants in the corners, which sustained Scicily in the Middle Ages during a drought through his intercession. Frames of lilies symbolizing St. Joseph's purity encompasses 4 images of contemplation: his most chaste heart, his staff, the two turtle doves he carried to the Temple, and a sprig of myrtle symbolizing Hebrew marriage.


This contemplatively designed pattern makes it the perfect way to add a tangible reminder of truth, beauty, and goodness to your day. 


this item is a pre-order!

St. Joseph Scrunchie

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe with timeless accessories. Place your preorder now and get ready to shine! Orders will begin shipping out by mid-June.

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