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Our hand rolled hem 100% silk charmeuse St. Joseph Spouse of Mary pocket square showcases double-sided designs of jade and emerald.  Details inspired by marquetry, the art of cutting two or more pieces of wood to fit together into a pattern, combine to create intricate motifs which call to mind St. Joseph's work as a carpenter.


In the center, St. Joseph places a wedding band on Our Lady's hand surrounded by a laurel wreath.  A lion of Judah medalion symbolizing St. Joseph's lineage is flanked by two fava bean plants in the corners, which sustained Scicily in the Middle Ages during a drought through his intercession.


Frames of lilies symbolizing St. Joesph's purity encompass 4 images of contemplation: his most chaste heart, his staff, the two turtle doves he carried to the Temple, and a sprig of myrtle symbolizing Hebrew marriage.

The Litany of Saint Joseph surrounds the border of the scarf in handwritten script.  Lemons, which grace the New Orlean's altars of Saint Joseph each year, can be found throughout the design.


Our silk pocket squares are beloved as gifts for weddings, father's day, and anniversaries.  

St Joseph Pocket Square

  • Dry Clean or hand wash with baby shampoo in the sink.

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