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Introducing our Resurrection Sarong, a stunning accessory perfect for elevating any outfit. Made from 100% silk, this large swath of silk is a luxurious addition to your collection. Ethically made, you can feel good about your purchase while looking great.


Featuring a beautiful water motif with delicate water lilies, this scarf is both elegant and unique. The pattern mimics water, reminding us to renew our Baptismal promises. Images of cardiovascular tissue put through color changes point to the various Eucharistic miracles in which the consecrated Host visibly transformed into cardiovascular tissue.


Interwoven throughout the print is a prayer from the Eucharistic Liturgy: "Hostiam puram (a pure Victim), hostiam sanctam (a spotless Victim), hostiam immaculatem (an immaculate Victim), Panem sanctum vitae aeternae (the Holy Bread of eternal life), et calicem salutis perpetuae (and Chalice of everlasting Salvation)." Lotus flowers rise up from water three days before they bloom, just as Christ rose on the third day. Their roots are 6ft deep and can clean toxins out of the water around them. This points to the purifying and healing power of the Eucharist in our daily lives.


Whether dressing up or down, a sarong is a great way to add a touch of silk to any outfit. Tie it as a blouse, drape as a duster, wrap it as a cocktail dress, or throw on over a swimsuit! 

Resurrection Sarong

  • Dry Clean or hand wash with baby shampoo in the sink.

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