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What's in a Name?

What Litany means to us - Part 1

Litany : a resonant series of invocations and supplications, often prayed in call and response.

Routine. Ritual. Repetitiveness.

Our lives can often become monotonous and we become used to the daily routines we have set for ourselves, going through the motions with a lack luster enthusiasm which more often than not can culminate in a litany of complaints.

It’s part of what makes this time so difficult- our goals and daily steps toward them are put on the back burner when a big, sweeping event like a pandemic happens.

Yet we all want our lives to be meaningful.

It’s easy to feel disconnected and listless when we find ourselves in such a glaring monotony - a monotony that may feel like our steps toward progress have been greatly dashed and diminished and we can add to the litany a whole new series of complaints and frustrations.

But it is also a time that draws our attention to the stark realities of our daily choices and our chosen routines. I would submit to you that our whole lives are a call and response to something, whether we realize it or not. Why do you do what you do? Why do you dress the way you do? Why do you watch that show or why do you buy that brand of yogurt?

It is the finding of meaning in the reality of who God is and who we are that gives the monotony, the stacking up of many moments alongside each other, a purpose and beauty. All those separate moments come together to form one song, one litany, of praise. It is by entering into the monotony of our lives that Christ loves us. It is in every moment that God is calling to us and it is in each present moment that we respond with the choice of love and praise.

We respond by choosing the good.

We founded Litany to create clothing that is another note in the song of praise in your life. Choosing what to wear is something that is part of everyone’s daily routine and it is a rather significant part of how we choose to communicate with others. Our clothing silently says what we are about. What aesthetic we find appealing or what our vocation in life is. It is a visual language through which we say something each day whether we mean to or not. We want our garments to be inspired by that love story in response to God’s call rather than just what you wear while it’s written.

We hope our clothing can be a part of the litany of your life, helping you to express your soul and God’s love before you even say a word.

Litany: a life lived well, where each action becomes a single note flowing together to form a song of praise to God where He calls & we respond.

Our lives are a series of moments, each one like another pearl added to a string of beads to make a beautiful embroidery. Each moment is a chapter in a book that at the end of time will be read in the courts of God and for all of eternity. It will be a story filled with moments that each gave purpose and direction to the next, culminating in a song of praise.

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