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The Inspiration Behind The Holy Family Collection

The Holy Family Collection poured out of Veronica’s quiet pondering of the safety and healing found within the mantle of Mary and cloak of Joseph, as she shares, “We all have wounds from being human. I believe that the Holy Family is the healing balm and hospital wing for those wounds. Wearing something that reminds me who (and whose I am) grounds me in love and safety, even in the smallest ways. I want every woman who wears our garments to feel confident in her own beloved-ness.”

When creating her board of inspiration for the collection (a sampling of materials, artwork, small ornaments), the classical art painting, Garland of Flowers with Adoration of the Shepherds by Frans Francken the Younger, served as a color palette for the collection.

Veronica mentions her process in designing the scarf, “I kept being pulled to these vibrant, deep jewel tones. I tried fighting it for a bit but then I just gave in - I felt tugged to lean into the hidden majesty of the Holy Family through the color story.”

The velvet garments emphasize the royalty of the Holy Family: Jesus King of Kings, Mary Queen of Heaven, Joseph Prince of the Church. The passion red is reflective of Redemption while the ivory points to the fullness of grace in Mary.

The gold points back to the Ark of the Covenant

(where God dwelled with Israel during the Exodus) which was fulfilled in Mary as the Theotokus. The gold also points to Joseph’s royal lineage, as St. Bernardino of Siena states that “St. Joseph was born of a patriarchal, royal and

princely race in a direct line. (The Gospel of) St. Matthew establishes the direct line of all the fathers from Abraham to the spouse of the Virgin, clearly demonstrating that all patriarchal, royal and princely dignity came together in him.” And finally, the gold is a reminder of the Holy Family’s need as they received gifts from the wisemen in Bethlehem. Tradition holds that the gold given at the Nativity would have supplied the family with the means to survive in Egypt for a time during their flight from Herod.

The shades of jade and highlights of sage signify new life and hope. These colors are particularly significant to St. Joseph who as a carpenter would have also worked with stone (and green historically represented this work) and some indicate that sage emphasizes his faithful obedience to God’s will.

Veronica has been contemplating simple ways our own families reflect the Holy Family, “Each family is a holy family that contains the presence of God. We don’t need to be picture perfect to reflect God’s presence, our humanity is something God entered into and still does today.” We are all invited to seek refuge in the hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, confident that they desire to welcome us into their home and tend to our fragile hearts.

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