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Your Season Has Dignity

“If only I were ______ then it would be worth my time to dress like that.”

Fill in the blank: -younger -older -a model -traveling to Europe -dating -single -working in a nice office, you name it.

When we venture out to purchase a new article of clothing or decide what to wear for the day, we often wrestle many lies and doubts in the decision process. A common thread of this wrestling is the belief that only certain seasons of life are worth taking the time to dress intentionally.

Many women note that they had certain seasons in life where they dressed well and loved the way they

looked, but quite often, there comes a change of season where a woman suddenly believes style can no longer be a priority, that she does not have what it takes, or that she deems her body to be no longer attractive. The change of attitude towards style and clothing can be spurred by a job change, becoming a missionary or mother, or even simply beginning a new step in her education. A lot of these changes require great energy which often results in weariness. Personal style takes the back burner or perhaps was never discovered to begin with.

There is not a season in life that is more worthy of developing personal style than another. It would be odd to declare that one woman’s season is worth reflection in her clothing while another woman’s season is not.

Too often, we are deceived by the lie that our season is not worth reflecting in our clothing.

Your heart is worthy of reflection in all seasons. The chapter of the present moment is worthy of reflection

and creative expression.

Your season has dignity.

Litany seeks to ensure that every woman is aware of this reality as stated in our mission statement, “Litany is a women’s clothing line catered to the intentional and unique state of each woman as she blossoms into who she was created to be.”

The “unique state” includes the transitional and intermediate phases. The awkward and uncomfortable season of job searching and applying for school has dignity and purpose. The mother who is pregnant with her first, third, or seventh child has so much to testify as the she adorns her body (full of life) with beautiful garments. The missionary is often quite creative in choosing what few articles of clothing will be their visible testimony as they evangelize.

There is something quite healing in the careful selection of what garment we put on each day—to decide willingly and intentionally what we desire to say through our clothing (as mentioned in “What’s In A Name”).

Litany desires to give women the opportunity and space to embrace their present season (and those to come) by rejecting the illusion of “standard size” and crafting each garment to the measure of each unique body. You might notice that some of the garments are tailored to go through seasons with you, such as the Fleur Dress, Celeste Top, and Bernadette Dress which have adjustable cinch ties/drawstrings either inside or alongside the garment.

No person is the same, so why ought we assume that all women should be restricted to a certain series of


To begin styling outfits again or trying to be intentional about it for the first time, can be initially daunting. Be assured that this an opportunity for new grace, new awareness, and a new encounter of the Faith if you are willing to receive. Invite the Lord into the process. He calls out to us even in our clothing choices. Our

clothing has the capacity to express our vocation and the little ways in which we are responding to the Lord.

May we have the grace and strength to respond in each season, in this little way, by realizing our season is a

purposeful gift that has dignity.

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