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St. Blaise Scarf: Let Us Keep Vigil

When we decided to expand our scarf collection to include wool, St. Blaise immediately came to mind for a few reasons.

In the depths of winter, flu season, and darkness, the Church reminds us to be hopeful with the story of the bishop and martyr, St. Blaise. His feast day is renown for the blessing of throats. This is carried out by the priest taking two blessed beeswax candles, held as a cross to bless the individual, and it touches their throat with the following prayer: “May God, at the intercession of St. Blasius, preserve you from throat troubles and every other evil.” How fitting that St. Blaise’s feast day comes right after the celebration of Candlemas, the blessing of candles in the Church! After the blessing of the candles there is a solemn procession reflecting Christ as the Light of the World, entering the Temple of Jerusalem, which is across the way from the Mount of Olives where His Passion would begin.  


The St. Blaise Scarf will be released this fall and is our first scarf made of 100% soft wool, woven in such a way that it feels like cashmere. Not only does a wool scarf give us feelings of home, comfort, and consolation, but also resilience as St. Blaise is honored as the patron saint of wool combers since this was the likely tool of his torture prior to his death. May we seek to witness to the Gospel in all aspects of life especially in times of tension.


The dark red roses point to the martyrdom of St. Blaise, the white roses his innocence, and calla lilies evoke virtuous masculinity modeling St. Joseph. The flowers are painted in such a way that they are all aglow, with the soft vigil of a candle behind each one.


We are particularly affected by the description of a candle’s significance in the liturgy by Guardini in his work, Sacred Signs:


“A lighted candle, there it rises, firmly fixed…It seems a symbol of selfless generosity. It stands so unwavering in its place, so erect, so clear and disinterested, in perfect readiness to be of service. It stands, where it is well to stand, before God. It stands in its appointed place, self-consumed in light and warmth…Stir up in yourself the same generous readiness to be used. "Lord, here am I." Let the clean, spare, serviceable candle bespeak your own attitude. Let your readiness grow into steadfast loyalty. Even as this candle, O Lord, would I stand in your presence. Do not weaken in or try to evade your vocation. Persevere. Do not keep asking why and to what purpose. To be consumed in truth and love, in light and warmth, for God, is the profoundest purpose of human life.”


By the witness of St. Blaise, may we be convicted all the more to be unwavering in the Faith as we surrender our plans to the Lord and seek to worship Him through every illness, fulfillment, disappointment, promotion, heartache, and healing.


Make our hearts steadfast, O Lord, as little candles keeping vigil for Your coming. 

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