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When A Photoshoot Makes Room: Part 2

The goal of the Verdant Collection photoshoot is summed up beautifully by Veronica:

“To encapsulate that childhood earnestness—dreaming and fantastical things being possible—fairyland…to mix that in with the elegance of being a grown woman. I wanted things to not just feel timeless but lots of points in time being pulled together…We wanted to portray a sense of yearning.”

Marilyn, the photographer extraordinaire, was able to run with Veronica’s vision as she sought to create a serene atmosphere. She wanted to emphasize the soft and luxurious nature of the garments, so she put a fabric over camera lens to create this dreamlike texture. Marilyn loved how Claire and Julia rested among the plants which emphasized this dreaminess and serenity.

The serene atmosphere and restful attitudes among all the creatives (see Part 1) bled into the poses, props, backdrops, and conversations that day.

Veronica gives credit to stylist, Tiffany Azmouz, who gave her the best on set photoshoot experiences she had in college and taught her what it means to be a good boss. From the little details of making sure everything runs smoothly to recognizing the human dignity of those you work with. Whether it was taping the shoes so they did not get scuffed or helping the models travel between sets—she emphasized how Azmouz added hospitality and humanity to the various events they worked together. She did not let negativity or cliquey things be the source of bonding between the collaboratives.

Genuine friendship and joyous affirmation added to the liveliness of the photoshoot.

Regarding the props incorporated into the photoshoot, Michaela mentioned the creative freedom and playfulness with all the items at this location which they did not initially expect to have. The bathtub, piano, and phone poses depict the lifestyle element of the pieces. Michaela expressed that the photoshoot is meant to encapsulate “not just the product but the feel of the garments.”

Good clothing is meant to be lived in—not just left on a pedestal.

Julia shares a unique experience with the pieces as she states: “I was wearing garments I may not typically pick out for myself but was able to celebrate the beauty of these pieces and wear something out of my comfort zone. To be comfortable with myself in something outside of my comfort zone, like the pink dress with two-toned sleeves, was a good challenge to feel beautiful in something I wouldn’t normally wear.”

The garments are lovely in and of themselves, but more so, they affirm the beauty of the woman who wears it.

Veronica and Michaela specifically chose dancers to portray the garments because dance is one of the best expressions of body and soul unity. Veronica reflects with awe as she shares her realization that the “limitations of our bodies actually enable us to do things that we would not be able to do without those limitations and rules—laws of nature—like not being able to fly enables for more creativity like dance.”

The movement makes the garments look like flowers, a garden—expressing this newness of life—something utterly verdant.

The velvet, emerald drapery expressed the richness of life. In its elegance and simplicity, it reminds us of Olivia.

The birth of the creative labors of the Litany team in preparing the Verdant Collection was revealed in the photoshoot in natural way. Veronica explains: “It felt very natural and true in how I see the world. I was not trying to execute something that I do not understand. I was very confident that anything that wasn’t planned would be beautiful because I truly understood what we were creating (both aesthetically and the meaning).”

We hope you are moved by the beauty portrayed in our collaborative work and that your eyes are open to the verdancy and whimsy of life. We hope to spark gratitude in daily affairs and ordinary tasks; and to remind ourselves there are still small flowers blooming, rivers running, life unfolding, miracles occurring, and we are breathing in this folding over time.

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