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Made-to-Measure: Back in September

Dear Litany Family,

We have an exciting update regarding our recent growth!

As a made-to-measure company, we are realizing more what it means to be slow fashion. The garments are measured, cut, and sewn by our co-founder Veronica and our Assistant Designer Rebecca. In the past year we have had an amazing influx of orders and want to maintain the quality of each made-to-

measure garment and prevent delays.

We have arrived to a point in which our design team cannot be sewing everything on their own with the high demand. We will be closing the order window for 3-months. During this time we will be researching ethical factories in NYC in order to find the right partners who understand the value of the made-to-measure process.

The goal is to continue a pattern of opening and closing the order window for 3-month periods since the

more garments we can give a factory at a time the more we can have a more affordable price for you! Veronica will be able to focus more on the design process so we can continue growing.

Our 3-month window of opening and closing is our first step of getting there. Thank you for being a part of our journey! We will make an announcement when we start our first window so you can be sure to be a part of it.


The Litany Ladies

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