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Litany Bridal and Wedding Hot Takes

We set to work incorporating a bridal theme for our Spring/Summer photoshoot, from our upcoming ties (!!!) and pocket squares to an ivory and gold take on the Bernadette dress. We love creating ethereal garments that encourage grace and silly dancing. We do not need to choose one over the other for bridal fashion. We take ourselves far too seriously, especially when it comes to weddings.

“Joy is the serious business of heaven” –C.S. Lewis

The most important things to us should always be born from a place of and received with joy.

Weddings are not meant to be dreaded or a source of burnout. This serious business, this vocation

that calls us to submit to the same mission of getting each other to heaven (Ephesians 5), is still one of

freedom and joy! Let’s get away from the media propaganda that wedding prep requires you to earn

or strive for the “perfect” day. The wedding, the marriage, is a gift offered, a gift to be received.

Bridal showers are not meant to be solemn and bachelorette parties can be classy. The most

beautiful and heartfelt proposals can happen in simplicity and the ordinary. Rehearsal dinners can be

restful. The wedding day is not required to be a whirlwind.

We hope the softness of our garments can remind you to be gentle with yourself in each moment

leading up to your wedding day. Invite the Holy Spirit into the process and ask Him for freedom

from the standards of perfection and outside pressures. He will remind you this is a time of


We are firm believers that bridal design is not reserved for those who are called to an earthly marriage or in a season of engagement, but a reminder of the promise that God calls us to communion with Himself.

Throughout Scripture, God communicates to us through the image of marriage, specifically a

wedding banquet in a garden! Genesis opens with Adam and Eve’s marriage and Revelation closes

with the stunning image of Jerusalem as a bride adorned in “every kind of precious stone”

(Revelation 21:19), anointed, and covered with spices (think incense) for the supper of Christ the

Paschal Lamb.

As the members of the Church, we are joined to Christ as Bride. Let’s reflect this in our clothing!

When we dress intentionally and put on garments that allow us to feel beautiful and feel like

ourselves (even feel like a bride), we go about our day with a greater lightness and joy.

Bridal imagery should beckon us to wonder and awe. We should be moved and ache for heaven because it ultimately reminds us we are called to communion with God. He has destined us for communion, community, communication with each other, as He declared “It is not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). So let us rejoice together and delight in each other. Let us remind each other of the glory promised to us in Christ.

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