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The Space to Rest & Create: Fall Closet Cleaning

We have a tendency to connect organization with spring cleaning, which inevitably leaves us in disarray for the rest of the year. As Fall begins to reveal itself, we have the opportunity to adjust our closet with the seasons. Sifting through our garments every season makes getting dressed easier in the morning because we are more familiar with what we have and are able to put them to good use! An organized wardrobe gives clarity and is one less thing to stress over when getting ready for the day. We deserve to get dressed with ease—this comes with knowing our personal styles.

In order to know our own personal style, we need the space to rest and create. Organization makes a great foundation for this. Light some candles, pour some tea, put on your favorite playlist, and let’s get organized.

How to begin? Ask these questions:

1) What do I leave behind?

There are always those lingering pieces we hold onto but never bring ourselves to wear. Challenge yourself to make it work this week. If the garment is not making you excited to get dressed, perhaps try looking up a few styling ideas via Pinterest. Finally, if you cannot make an outfit from it and have no desire to wear it, then it is time to say goodbye. Ask a friend if they want it, sell it through social media (this is good if you have a number of garments in good condition), or simply donate it to a good cause (here is a site that lists a few options: Imperfect Idealist).

Remember, clothing is meant to serve and represent us, not the other way around!

2) What clothes are appropriate for this season?

A good step is to narrow down which garments are good all-year-round and let those stay in the closet. Put the rest in bins that can be easily accessed for the next season (or when there is a sudden change in weather). Many cotton items are good not only in Summer/Spring months, but also for layering in the Fall. Read more about the importance of materials and how they are related to certain seasons in our article, What the Tag is Not Telling You Part 2.

3) What color palette am I noticing?

As we clear out our closet, we will start to notice the colors we are most drawn to. What patterns are developing? Organize your closet by color, one section for tops and one for bottoms. This is a great step towards recognizing our personal style and helps us to better know ourselves.

Pay attention to which colors you feel best in!

4) What should be hanging and what should be folded?

Most of us run into the issue of limited closet space. Not everything needs a hanger. Most cotton, polyester, and wool items are just fine folded. Look up a few folding techniques so that you can easily see what is in the drawer when you open it (check out this video and article exemplifying the Marie Kondo technique).

Dear Lord, please help me clear my mind and heart, that I might know myself and have the courage to create.

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