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Silk Scarves


Litany began...

when friends Veronica and Olivia saw the need for a slow, contemplative approach to fashion during their time as design students.  They dreamed of a new standard where carefully crafted clothing spoke to each wearer's soul.

They founded Litany in January of 2020 and designed their first collection over zoom. Knowing Olivia was entering religious life that October, they sewed the garments themselves and launched the collection that August.

Since then Litany has become a three person team committed to the dignity of each person in the design process, from the pattern makers, to the seamstresses, to the wearer.  With made to measure collections, transparent pricing and in house designed silk prints, we hope to make the everyday moment of getting dressed meaningful.

more of the Litany story:



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a series of invocations


1. Prayer or song in call and response form, where the response stays the same


2. Meditation on meaning through repetition; loving something so much that it becomes like music


3. The music of our lives, with each moment as a note shared and sung with love


see also: poetry, togetherness, never-ending, prayer, litany of saints

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