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Which Pocket Square Suits Your Man?

Knowing your personal style is one thing but knowing the style preference of the men in our lives is an entirely different game of trial and error. Some are simple and easy to please when it comes to gifting a piece for his wardrobe while others are very particular with which shade of green they can and cannot wear. Now we may not be able to narrow down his style to a tee, but at the very least we can help you with a little survey in deciding which of our pocket squares aligns best with his aesthetic, personality, and overall style.

What colors does he tend to wear? Whether it is the color of his favorite t-shirt, baseball cap, or the color of all his button downs—there tends to be a pattern in the closet. Often it is a color that compliments his skin tone and eye color.

A. neutrals & muted tones for days: browns, navy, cream, maroon, dark teal

B. royal & primary: bright blues, purple, shiny reds, loves to contrast colors in his outfits

C. bright & experimental: orange and gold tones, splash of color in nearly every look (tends to wear

crazy ties)

What is his Sunday aesthetic? We are talking about his go-to look for church followed by taking you to your favorite nearby farmers market.

A. Mr. Newsie: suspenders and a tweed sports jacket

B. Mr. Dapper: traditional button-down with a tie

C. Hipster Minister: kakis, Chaco’s or Birkenstocks, button-down with sleeves rolled up

What does he especially need prayers for? Our pocket squares are named after the archangels in which we hope they can be worn as a reminder of the intercession and protection of these messengers of God. Each archangel is known for a particular subject of intercession based on Scriptural evidence.

A. Healing in relationships & protection during travel

B. Strength & courage to respond to God’s will

C. Endurance & resilience to fight the good fight

What is his level of personal style? Some men are enthusiast about trying out different looks and developing their personal style while others feel lucky if their shirt and pants do not clash.

A. Confident in personal style & has clear preference for certain textiles and colors.

B. Unsure how to define his personal style & prefers to play it safe when it comes to composing a look.

C. Will wear just about anything & enjoys trying new looks.

What are his hobbies or things he enjoys at his leisure?

A. artist/carpenter, brewing his own beer, hiking, or sitting on the porch to just think

B. researching via YouTube, roasts his own coffee, writes letters, or plays recreational sports

C. frisbee, random adventures with friends, loves to workout, plays guitar and probably 3 other


Which of the following best describes him?

A. Great listener and helps others find their way—from life advice to knowing where the car is parked

B. Encourages/motivates others and known for his wise words

C. Quick to serve the needs of those around him and promptly defends those he loves

Which Archangel is his favorite (and/or namesake)?

A. Raphael

B. Gabriel

C. Michael

Results! Tally up which letter you chose the most. Also, just a reminder that this survey is a simple guide for those who cannot decide on which one since they are all awesome. Please do not feel the least bit obligated to choose the one based on your results if you really liked one of the others! No one is tied down to our descriptions (read *they are not definitions*). Enjoy!

Mostly A’s = St. Raphael Pocket Square

Mostly B’s = St. Gabriel Pocket Square

Mostly C’s = St. Michael Pocket Square

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