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Ways to Wear Scarves: Litany Style

We love the creative flare of a scarf or neckerchief. There are varying styles from the chic French look, the 90’s throwback, headband tuck, wild west inspired, accenting the handbag, highlighting a braid, or the top knot twist. We came up with a few names of our own for these styles and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

1. The Confidence Booster

There is nothing quite like wearing a scarf fitted to the dainty of your neck. It is a subtle reminder to keep your neck long, avoid looking down, and go into the day with eyes raised and hope in one’s heart.

2. Bernadette in the Fields

Like our dear friend St. Bernadette who inspired part of our Lourdes Collection, why not reflect her humble heart with this styling of a scarf? Not only does it keep your hair out of your face, but a steady reminder to serve with love and not be afraid to roll up our sleeves.

3. Com-passion

Compassion means “to suffer with,” to uphold and support the other. From being a mother to little ones, loving a coworker, serving in a foreign country, or simply being a joyful smile to the lady next to you on the elevator—we are constantly encountering opportunities to see the other as more than just a body taking up space. We can all use a little hope and support from those around us. Wearing a scarf as a headband (practical + style) can become an internal nod to the intention, “I am here for you, you are not alone.”

4. Be At Rest

A relaxed version of “The Confidence Booster,” creating a more indie vibe, fold the scarf into a triangle and tie it loosely to your neck. Just as the name states, as this scarf softly hangs from your neck may be a reminder to rest and be patient with yourself in the process of the day.

5. The Reminder

Sometimes we just need a subtle reminder that we are more than enough, that there is nothing to prove. Hang a scarf from your bag/purse/backpack or even tie it as a bracelet to your wrist!

6. Shine On

Anyone wanting to get creative and fancy with styling a scarf should definitely try this new ‘do. Tie the scarf to the base of your ponytail or updo, then braid it in with your hair (highly recommend Pinterest tutorials for this one).

7. Miss Practical

Want to step up your messy bun? Pin down your messy bun with bobby pins and tie the scarf around the base. Not only will you feel elegant, but your hair will stay in place!

Have you tried any of these before with our Lourdes, Bernadette, or Mother of God scarves? Send in your pictures to our team @litanynyc and we would love to feature you!

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