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The Feeling & Mission Are Mutual: Litany Welcomes Lillian Fallon

“Litany understands the human person—this is what I am about. The ethos and mission behind the label is my own mission.”

Meet Lillian Fallon, Litany’s new Customer Experience Manager. From her funky-fresh looks to her bursting-with-life-tangents, you might have read some of her work on the Grotto Network, Catholic Match, or possibly stumbled upon her rich social media content.

When ask what she is most passionate about, she responded: “I love the expression of the human person

through personal style [particularly] in relation to St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.”

Lilly explains that personal style is an expression of one’s identity–an expression of one’s personhood. One of the reasons she was drawn to Litany is due to Veronica (whom she said) “has a full understanding of how the clothing we wear are to express that we are made in the image of God.” Litany is built upon the understanding that we can incorporate fabrics, colors, and textures to express that beauty of the interior self.

Lilly clarifies that personal style is not the Catholic version of “You are as good as you look.” Personal style is how we can grow in understanding of our worth but that does not define our worth. She gives herself as an example:

"When I get dressed in a way that points to the body-soul unity of my being—it helps me understand

myself. [I recognize], I have a body that is good, [this outfit] flatters and dignifies it. I have a soul that is good that is expressed in the fabrics and colors that are in this look. I am one of kind and I have a

limitless value. Dressing in my personal style helps me see myself through God’s eyes and helps my

relationship with God. Anytime we do something that helps us see ourselves through God’s eyes is

always good thing."

Personal style should never be something that makes us focus on only the body; rather, it should draw attention to the fact that our inward person is far more interesting than our exterior.

Lilly has dabbled in personal style and experimented with fashion for as long as she can remember. She had a strong opinion of what she wanted to wear even at age six and was known by her family for her fashion drawings. She loved drawing outfits and using pieces in her wardrobe to make them come to life. Thrifting eventually upped the ante in her fashion creativity. Shoutout to Lilly’s mom who was always supportive of Lilly’s whacky outfits in middle and high school (her only criteria were that she needed to be modest and creative)!

Ave Maria University’s Theology of the Body course with Dr. Michael Waldstein (the translator of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body) is what connected the dots for Lilly. She realized why personal style all made sense: the body and soul unity—the body being an expression of the soul in a sacred way.

Upon her graduation, she worked as the style editor for Verily Magazine in New York City. The company was small and not as fast paced as the stereotypical large fashion magazines in New York which meant her

creative ideas came to life sooner.

She later had the opportunity to work with a designer label which gave her a real taste of the fashion world.

Lilly recalls the photoshoots in which she comments, “You could see on the faces of the models when they

could not fit into something that was made wrong, but they thought they were made wrong.” The company was disconnected from the world and served a certain clientele which was only 1% of women, quite unrelatable.

Sometime later, Lilly came on the photoshoot for Litany’s Verdant Collection, and she was surprised to see a healthy environment for a fashion company, “I saw how they were treating the models; it was not a miserable environment of cold and bossy people but very happy, thriving, healthy environment. I thought, ‘Whoa this is possible.’ Litany is clothing made for real women and made to emphasize the beauty of woman.”

Litany is ecstatic to welcome Lilly into the creative process of all that is to come within the company. Show

her some love in the upcoming styling posts, stories, and reels!

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