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Made-to-Measure-Clothing: Elegant, Functional, and Comfortable

Many of us have recognized the woundedness and frustrations of the fashion industry, from objectifying flimsy pieces to garments that are simply not flattering for each woman’s unique body. There is a lack of recognition of the whole person—the body as expressing the soul.

What if there was a clothing company that applied the call: “be not be of this world” to the fashion industry, by creating garments that truly highlighted the beauty of every woman—her unique body, season, career, and vocation.

Meet Litany NYC co-founded by Veronica Marrinan and Olivia Swinford (now Sr. Maria Dominique a novice within the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne), creating made-to-measure clothing to uphold the dignity of the person and recognizing the goodness of the Creator’s design. We are not made to fit our clothing, but rather our clothing is meant to serve us and express the innate beauty of the human heart. Each collection is rooted in the faith and meant to draw others into contemplation of the divine. The first collection inspired by the healing waters of Lourdes, St. Bernadette’s courage, and Our Lady’s consolation. The Verdant collection revolves around the unfolding creation story in Genesis, the Incarnation, and a return to childlike wonder.

Litany’s recognition of man being made in the image of God is what led to the creation of the made-to-measure garments. Each piece is sustainable, functional, durable, and entirely elegant.

The most recent addition to Litany’s line is the Classic Silk Blouse— “Intentional details like mother-of-pearl buttons and a covered placket lend a classic sophistication.”

Veronica sought to design a blouse that did not trade elegance for functionality or vice versa. The blouse has no gaping at buttons, no pulling in the back of the shoulders, and get this—the silk is machine washable! The design of the silk leads to nearly no wrinkles.

There is a lack of button-down blouses that fit across the chest and are comfortable for all women. With the Classic Silk Blouse, there is no need to size up three times to avoid gaping.

Veronica hopes this blouse will accompany women in their vocation, in which they can be comfortable as they pursue their day as students, mothers, business-women, or all the above.

The subtle shine of the silk is just enough to be worn either casually or formally. Its versatility allows women to dress it up with heels and a skirt or dress it down with belted jeans and sneakers. The various styling options are viewable through the story highlights on Instagram.

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