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Litany's Growth & Renewal of Mission

In the excitement of so many new faces discovering our story, we found it fitting to share again our perspective and the “why” behind our mission.

Made-to-Measure & Slow Fashion

We believe you deserve something well-crafted because you are crafted by the Creator. We know our garments are not cheap—but we never intended to make anything cheaply. We believe it is worth it for each garment to be made slowly, to each woman’s body, and with good materials. The fashion industry has caused a lot of harm and damage to women over the years, and we desire to be a vessel of healing within this industry—to do things differently—to make garments with the whole person in mind.

We are dedicated to transparency, so anyone can view the breakdown of pricing for every garment on our site. We are not in it for the money but for the reminders of importance. We know that because it takes longer with greater intentionality that our business will not become some booming money-maker with a giant audience.

We work day-to-day to keep the artistic and design process alive with the attentiveness to the individual person. We are not going to rush it to keep up or compete.

Our scarves are made from the mission of slowness and attentiveness, from careful prayer, discernment, collaboration that can take months until we put them into print. Finding the exact shade or contrast in the completed product takes patience with lots of trial and error until perfection.

We love our mission and to keep it going we do need some form of means to provide for ourselves to continue a quality design process in order that we do not have to compromise materials or attention to detail.

We live in an age of producing to produce (many entrepreneurs have the goal to the sell business and go bigger). Christ says we cannot take monetary success with us to heaven. We know if our goal is simply to sell more and be bigger, we will be unfulfilled. As disappointing as it might sound to some, Litany does not intend to start cranking out multiple collections a year or move away from the made-to-measure process. We value our slowness and quality.

Personal Style & Communication of Garments

When Veronica volunteered with the Little Sisters of the Poor, she loved how they reverenced the bodies of the residents through gentleness and intentionality when they dressed them, did their hair, and served meals. They love the whole person—not simply preaching the Gospel through words but with their hands. Veronica painted the residents’ nails and noticed how they were decked out in their favorite outfits just to go to the cafeteria.

Clothing is not just communicating with others but reminding ourselves of our goodness in any and every season of life. Sometimes we might have a dress code for a certain role or job in society; this allows us to connect with a place we have found belonging, but we should never be alienated from our true self in our clothing.

We are meant to experience the deep connection of body and soul and realize our own integration, loved entirely as a whole person by God. These residents were dressing in their favorite garbs to remind themselves of this reality, not to impress anyone. To look down and see their favorite pair of pants on their body reminded them of their identity and dignity. They were hoping to not simply get by but remind themselves to live well until the end.

Importance, confidence, and knowledge of self-worth does not mean heavy. We are not made to carry the weight of the world. Let’s be free from the need to prove ourselves through our garments! God takes us seriously, so we do not have to take ourselves too seriously. He knows our significance; we have nothing to prove to Him.

Lighthearted and fun compliment elegance. We do not need to choose one over the other. Femininity is not lost in cargo shorts or rugged jeans. Veronica recently spotted a woman on the subway who carried herself with elegance and femininity as she wore cargo shorts with a smart blazer, red lip, and Wellington boots. This lady was having fun in her style! We are not insignificant or undignified when playing with our style—let’s be bold, take risks, and try new combinations to discover our style more.

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