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Litany Quiz: Which Scarf Are You?

A beloved fashion statement since circa 1300 BC and popularized in the 1940's, silk scarves add a delicate touch to nearly any outfit. Litany's silk scarves are created to highlight the unique aspects of your personality and style. We know options can be stressful so we crafted this quiz* as a means to help simplify your scarf decision!

*Disclaimer: This quiz is not intended to limit or box anyone into a category but only offer freedom to those of us who get winded by indecisiveness.

What item are you most likely to buy as an accent for your home?

  1. porcelain tea set with delicate floral trim

  2. two silver candelabras with blue stick candles

  3. A collection of vintage postcards to hang with clothespins

  4. DIY plant chandelier

Which of the following resonates most with your wardrobe?

  1. 1950’s-1960’s circle skirts, rounded collars, high-waisted trousers

  2. cottagecore and prairie dresses

  3. European chic: stripes and lots of neutrals

  4. Boho: bold colors and crochet pieces

What devotion or spiritual practice are you most drawn to?

  1. Louis de Montfort’s Consecration to Jesus through Mary

  2. Liturgy of the Hours

  3. The Rosary and 10 Marian Virtues

  4. Sacred Heart of Jesus (Divine Mercy)

What best describes you?

  1. Daydreamer; Anne of Green Gables; known to bring brightness to every situation

  2. Cool-calm-collected; queen of hospitality; probably on a walk

  3. Likes it old school; Audrey Hepburn; has great quality movie & brunch recommendations

  4. Innovative; known for random acts of kindness; cannot resist buying a plant when grocery shopping

What would you most enjoy doing?

  1. Going on a picnic: complete with a wicker basket filled with your favorite treats in a lavender field

  2. Cozy girls’ night: complete with candle lanterns, charcuterie board, and board games

  3. Spontaneous weekend adventure to the opposite coast

  4. Going to the opening of a spunky bookshop-coffee shop

What are you most likely found to be carrying on an adventure?

  1. Binoculars

  2. Wildflowers in your organic cotton tote bag

  3. Polaroid

  4. A latte in an aesthetically pleasing thermos

Which of the hobbies below give you the most joy or intrigue?

  1. Machine-sewing, crochet, or embroidery

  2. Watercolor or therapeutic coloring

  3. Rock climbing, scrapbooking, or photography

  4. Pilates, horseback riding, or gardening

Count up which letter you chose the most to see the results! Read the more in-depth descriptions of each scarf on our website or on past blog posts.

Yellow and blue with inspiration from the courage of St. Bernadette, this scarf reminds us to love even through trials.

The pastel florals delicately point to the consolation found in Christ through Mary.

Blue and yellow with the Hail Mary intertwining its entirety—this scarf serves as a reminder of the Our Lady’s promises at Lourdes and the healing waters that offer hope.

The royal tones and ornate design point to the majesty of Christ’s triumph over death.

Stay tuned for more scarf designs coming soon!

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