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Laudem Gloriae

What Litany Means to Us - Part 2

Sacrament: an outward sign of an inward reality instituted by Christ to give grace.

One of our favorite quotes is from St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, where she says “each person is a 'laudem gloriae'…a praise of glory.” We know the particularities of the people we love most- the way they take their coffee, the way their noses scrunch up when they laugh. Each person, body and soul, are completely themselves. They are their own unrepeatable expression of the truth, beauty and goodness of God. Each person is one body and soul, perfectly united. And Christ comes to us, body and soul, in the sacraments - the outward sign of an inward reality.

This is what we see in the Litany of Saints. We see how diverse the saints are, how each of them is unrepeatable in who they are and how their lives give glory to God. Each one fully their own and fully God’s- and they are more themselves for loving God with the entirety of themselves.

This ability to serve God, with the wholeness of ourselves, became really apparent to both of us as we grew in our faith throughout college. Since we are both body and soul, what we do with our bodies we do with our souls, and what we do with our souls affects our bodies.

Our sacramental life is so intertwined with touch for this reason. We are touched by the waters of baptism. We bring the work of our hands to become the body and blood of our savior. We are anointed. We speak our shames and confess our failings with our teeth and our tongues. It is the outward sign of an inward reality, a love story written through our bodies; through our touch meeting the touch of God made man.

These realizations changed the way we looked at our studies and what we thought design was about.

The connection of our bodies and souls makes clothing design a call to service.

When creating a garment we are called to reckon with a powerful reality: when we clothe someone’s body we are clothing their soul. We want this reality to be apparent in a very concrete way in the garments we design. A logical first step is to use each customer’s measurements to create a custom garment - something that is truly personal and unique to the woman wearing it.

In an industry often characterized by the need to look a certain way - an industry that often shames women’s bodies in one way or another, we are seeking to accurately show women as who they are - both your body and soul, created to be an unrepeatable praise of glory.

We use pattern making software to input each customer’s measurements to create a garment that fits you. There are no generic sizes or the frustration of figuring out that the garment runs small after it comes in the mail. We use laser cutting on our patterns to provide precision and minimize fabric wastage. Then we sew them for you in our studio, taking care to use couture finishes on the seams so that your garment will last.

As we create, we have you- your dreams, aspirations, and unrepeatable soul- in mind and we offer our prayers and labors for you. We hope that our clothing can highlight the reality of who you are and give you the freedom to live out of that reality.

We'd love to hear your thoughts- leave us a comment! Have a friend this made you think of? Share it with them!


Veronica and Olivia

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