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Join Us For The "Dress Like Mary Challenge": Rosary Edition

October is the month dedicated to drawing nearer to Christ through Mary by means of the rosary.

How did this all start? There was great turmoil and bloodshed in 1571 in battle and Pope Pius V beckoned religious communities to join in the rosary as an spiritual army of protection. The literal army carried rosaries into battle. Miraculously the Catholic League won against the Ottoman Empire. Hence the feast of October 7th being dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and by 1884 Pope Leo XIII, who declared the whole month to be dedicated to the rosary. Read more details here.

As body-soul creatures, we naturally orient our hearts & intentions through our bodies. You might have joined us in the May “Dress Like Mary Challenge,” we now invite you to dive in once again and join us in October for the Rosary Edition of this challenge. The hope is that as we arm ourselves with the rosary, we are reminded of this reality in our clothing by choosing to wear certain garments each day as a reflection of the mysteries of Jesus’ life. The rosary is pondering the Gospel through the intimate gaze of our Mother.

Here are some little ways to reflect the rosary in your clothing this October as you put on the spiritual armor.

Base: Pastels, cottons, pearls

Details to consider: Arm yourself with gratitude and faith. Wear your favorite garments and rejoice in them, knowing the Lord delights in our little celebrations we offer to Him.

Base: Deep blues, silks, wooden/woven accessories

Details to consider: Arm yourself with understanding and compassion. Monochromatic outfits, long silhouettes, and drapery reflect the silence and depth of suffering alongside the joy of intimacy drawing near to Christ on the cross.

Base: Autumn tones, linen, silver jewelry

Details to consider: Arm yourself with wonder and hope. Wear what causes you to feel lighter, comfortable, and at ease. Simplicity allows us to contemplate profound wonders of the Lord’s work in our life.

Base: Bright florals, velvet, gold jewelry details. Arm yourself with fortitude. Mix formal with casual textures to elevate an outfit as an anticipation of our glorified bodies in Christ.

If you’re feeling ambitious, consider matching up your outfit according to the set of mysteries for each day based on your daily rosary (Glorious Sun/Wed; Joyful Mon/Sat; Sorrowful Tues/Fri; Luminous Thurs).

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