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Design's Intent: An Artist's Breath

Our design process is filled with contemplation, as Veronica describes: “one idea, nurtured and explored.”

The design process gives life to an idea by cultivating and nurturing it into being. An artist most profoundly reflects the Creator of all beauty, the one who began with the rawest canvas, as it was written, “The earth was without form or shape, with darkness over the abyss and a mighty wind sweeping over the waters—” (Genesis 1:2). Gathering the garment of creation into ordered folds while simultaneously releasing it to be wild in freedom. Folding and releasing, ordering for our freedom. Not simply harnessing chaos or withholding but generously lavishing us with all wonders.

Light—streaming floods of life breathed into creation. Foliage—delicate dainty tulips poke through and the

fleecy vines pouring over the garden of earth. There is a deep intentionality in creation’s design—the very

life’s breath of the Creator, the Artist. The detailed impressions in each crevice point beyond us. A reminder of home.

C.S. Lewis has an incredible way of drawing up wonder and awe from his readers by his description of the

creation story—in this case—the creation of the world of Narnia in The Magicians Nephew from the Chronicles of Narnia. He gives perspective to Genesis by welcoming us into the intimacy of the very act of creation. Aslan, the King Lion of Narnia, represents the strength, love, and intense intentionality of God. C.S. Lewis has the world of Narnia depicted as being born from the mighty breath and ribbony, surreal song of Aslan. Each note drawing up life. [In your own time, read Ch. 9 of The Magicians Nephew—it is a chapter that needs to be experienced and cannot be cut up into excerpts].

“This world is bursting with life for these few days because the song with which I have called it into life still hangs in the air and rumbles in the ground,” said the Lion.

The harmony of euphoric artistry and the intimacy of the soul being poured out on a canvas through design, highlights the core of the human person.

We are meant to create in freedom, to give generously of ourselves. We welcome others into bursting freshness, a new perspective of life when we offer beauty.

What will you design?

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