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A Pocket Full of Heaven

It has long been our mission to provide beautiful, meaningful clothing that draws the soul to God. We have received many messages from women telling us that the way their new dress fits reveals their internal and external beauty in a deep way, or that their scarf sparked a powerful conversation with a stranger or reminded them to pray more often. We have watched how women flourish when they feel seen, understood, and special. And now we hope to extend the same opportunity to the men in our lives. Introducing: Litany's line of ethically made Archangel Pocket Squares.

Made by the same trusted manufacturer as all our Marian Silk Scarves, the Archangel Pocket Squares are made from custom printed silk twill and feature three different designs inspired by Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Keep reading for full explanations of each of the scarves' designs!

St. Michael the Archangel:

This pocket square is inspired by classical Italian designs that effortlessly exude masculinity without sacrificing style or class. It features our simple logo in each corner and a coat of arms on the trim and in the interior. The coat of arms is composed of a shield, discretely embossed with the Eucharist, and two swords crossed behind it, all meant to remind the wearer of the power of St. Michael the Archangel. This powerful angel is a warrior of the Heavenly Hosts and fights the devil on our behalf, and this pocket square serves as a reminder that we, too, are called to engage in the spiritual battle on this side of Heaven. This pocket square is the perfect gift for the faithful, fierce, and fashionable man in your life!

St. Gabriel the Archangel:

This simple pocket square is perfect for the cute and quirky man who happens to love Jesus and JPII. It was designed to be reminiscent of a classic air mail envelope, because St. Gabriel is a messenger of the Lord throughout scripture, and most notably in the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary. Gabriel appeared to Mary with the words "Do not be afraid," and St. Pope John Paul II often echoed this message with his famous encouragement to Catholics everywhere: "Be not afraid!" This is a message that we think deserves to be kept close to the heart. JPII is one of our patrons here at Litany, and we want to continue to spread hope and trust. This gift would be perfect for a pilot, postal worker, media personality, or anyone in a line of work that requires courage.

St. Raphael the Archangel:

Last but not least, the St. Raphael pocket square is perfect for the rugged traveler or history buff in your life. In the book of Tobit, St. Raphael plays a large role in guiding and uniting two lovers, making him the patron saint of travelers and happy meetings. How romantic! The pocket square features sketches from Leonardo DaVinci's plans for an ideal city because, well, we love art history and it is a nod to dreamers, travelers, and all those with wanderlust. The words "today and ever after" are written in cursive around the border and are pulled from scripture when Tobiah marries Sarah and it is declared, "she is yours today and forever after." These words remind us of the movie "Ever After," which is a story of two people calling each other to greatness, especially in service to one another. The name "Raphael" means "God Has Healed," so we love this as a gift idea for a couple that has experience or is currently experiencing great healing, or is in need of it.

While pocket squares are not an essential addition to every outfit, they are a thoughtful touch that elevate a look from put-together to polished. We hope that these pocket squares will be gifted with intention and carry great meaning for the giver and the wearer alike. These explanations, while extensive, only begin to touch the surface of meaning that these figures and scriptures carry, and we believe that by tucking them away close to the heart, they have the power to heal, strengthen, and inspire.

This line is now available for pre-order through January 25th, in order to be ready in time for Valentine's Day! Head to the "shop" tab to order.

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