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5 Ways to Wear a Blouse for Your Season

We are currently re-discovering the versatility of wardrobe staples as we freshen things up this autumn season. The button-up blouse is infamous for its ability to crossover into various seasons—we are not just discussing the weather—but seasons of life! We have curated a list to give you some fresh ideas to make this wardrobe staple your own.

Clothing is meant to serve us in each season—rather than us trying to fit the standards of a clothing piece that demands we pretend we are in a different season of life. This only leads us to feel uncomfortable in clothes that do not meet our needs and convinces us that we are the problem.

Nearly every styling of the blouses below can crossover into any season of life, but we have noticed there are certain styles favored more than others in distinct seasons, which we added in italics above each photo.

The Untuck (partial or full)

College student/Postpartum & Nursing/Business Casual

The appeal of the carefree and “not even trying” look pairs wonderfully with heels and some dangly earrings or perhaps a good boot with a leather jacket. Roll up the sleeves to the elbow for an academia look. The comfort of this look is what adds to its popularity and appeal. Mommas—this gives you great ability for movement and easy access for breastfeeding.

The Layers

Young professional/Retirement

Perfect for fall weather, layer a turtleneck of a complimentary or accent color underneath your collared blouse. Perhaps you prefer the preppy look in which you pop out the collar from underneath a sweater or sweater vest (extra points if you roll up the sleeves to add a cuff—to the wrists). Practical warmth (just enough to keep you comfortable in the autumn weather) meets professional class when you have some fun with accessorizing whether with some gold bangle bracelets or perhaps a neckerchief for the full European aesthetic.

The Tie

Pregnant/Business Casual

Easy accent to your look, wear a high waisted skirt or pants and tie the blouse over. If you are in the process of growing a tiny human, we recommend tying the blouse up a little higher to show off that gorgeous baby bump. Switch out your cardigan for a button-up blouse and tie up the blouse high over your dress— and voila a whole new dress!

The Tuck

College student/Business Woman

The classic Grace Kelley look—complete with high waist trousers, leather belt, and a pair of heels to add some edge.

The Shawl

Pregnant/Postpartum/Business Woman

An easy addition to any dress or a basic tee with jean combo. Leave all the buttons undone and the shirt will just rest on your shoulders. An oversized blouse is a great pair with a more form fitting dress or romper as it adds balance to the shape of the whole look.

Let us know which style you are excited to try! Share with us if you have any other favorite go-to styles for your button-up.

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