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We loved our Resurrection scarf print so much, we decided to make it a dress -- in blue! At Litany, we love a custom print steeped in symbolism. 


The pattern mimics water, reminding us to renew our Baptismal promises. We splash ourselves with Holy Water each time we enter a church as a tangible reminder of our death to this world and resurrection in Christ. Veronica also took images of cardiovascular tissue put through color changes to point to the various Eucharistic miracles in which the consecrated Host visibly transformed into cardiovascular tissue. 


Latin prayer interwoven throughout the print: 
"Hostiam puram (a pure Victim), hostiam sanctam (a spotless Victim), hostiam immaculatem (an immaculate Victim), Panem sanctum vitae aeternae (the Holy Bread of eternal life), et Calicem salutis perpetuae (and Chalice of everlasting Salvation)."

Florals: Lotus flowers rise up from the muddy water three days before they bloom just as Christ rose on the third day. Their roots are 6ft deep and can clean toxins out of the water around them. This points to Christ as he took on a human nature, lived among us, and redeemed us from sin. 


The sleek, shiny fabric is made of polyester satin, to ensure the color maintains over time and to provide opacity in the dress. Veronica designed the silhouette with a unique oragami pleated skirt with a hankerchief hem, mirroring the drape of altar cloth. Before you ask, yes -- there are pockets. The dress has an inverted pleat at center front and on both sides to allow for lots of movement and space for a changing body.  

The Resurrection Dress


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