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Refined, tailored, sumptuous.  Inspired by the magi’s gold that sustained the Holy Family through their time in Egypt, the Exodus Pant brings a simple outfit to a lush, gilded ensemble.  With two darts in the back for a tailored fit, deep pleats at the front, and spacious pockets it’s a timeless mix of delicate femininity and tasteful tailoring.  


How to Wear:  Upgrade a graphic tee and sneakers with this plush, glimmering velvet, or pair with a wool sweater and a heeled boot for an effortlessly elegant look.  


Catholic Inspo: Exodus means to “go out” such as in the case of Moses and the Israelites’ freedom from slavery prefiguring Christ freeing us from the bondage of sin. Joseph led the Holy Family in the flight into Egypt to escape the persecution of Herod. Similarly, these pants are ready to go from sleepwear to any outting in a moment’s notice. 

The Exodus Pant


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