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We’d like to formally introduce you to our Cana scarf, aptly named after the Wedding Feast at Cana.


Made in collaboration with Maclaine Noah (ACatholicConvo), our hope is that this scarf will serve as a tool for helping any woman remember the beauty of her vocation, no matter what stage of life she is in.


Whether you’re a soon-to-be-bride, a single woman traversing the dating scene, or a wife of many years,  the Cana scarf is a way you can incorporate the vocation of marriage into your physical expression of self. It’s a unique, tangible reminder of your vocation, helping you to have reverence for it, and allow you to incorporate your faith into your day-to-day life. 


This scarf is a way to remember what marriage prep or pre-Cana is all about: getting closer to the Trinity. Engagement is about discerning if this is a lifelong covenant you want to enter into, not about perfecting your wedding day.


We all start in a family, whatever our state in life – marriage matters to all of us. We are all made to enter into the eternal Wedding Feast of the Lamb. We hope to reclaim the significance of the vocation of marriage through this gorgeous scarf, one-of-a-kind scarf.


Design Symbolism:


1. Ornate gold border: The sanctuary lamp. As the bride walks down the aisle, she will notice the burning candle indicating the presence of the true Bridegroom. In her “yes” to her vocation, she seeks to be a sanctuary candle, eternally burning beckoning the world to draw near to Christ.


2. Water: This is a reflection of the blood and water which gushed forth from the side of the crucified Christ, which was foreshadowed during the Wedding at Cana in which water is turned into wine (John 2:1-11). This parallels Christ being the center, pouring out His life for His Bride—the Church— she who is born from the side of her Groom just as Eve was created from the rib of Adam. 


3. Florals: The roses are an offering to Christ. The lilies reflect the purity and courage of St. Joseph who guards the family. The delicate baby's breath flowers indicate the promise of eternal life and the breath of the Holy Spirit who sustains us.  


4. Script: “Companions For Eternity,” by A.M. Carre,

“The sacrament of marriage while nourishing our life in grace will direct a power especially to love so that the heart of God may beat in man's heart. Here at Mass the sacramental bond between man and his Savior and the temporal bond between the spouses are closely knit together.”

The Cana Scarf - 22" by 22"


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