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This scarf has been reprinted to be double sided, and may be a bit darker than the original photos.


"Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope..." For centuries, Christians have cried out to the Blessed Virgin Mary with these words. Through her Immaculate Conception, God made her to be the created masterpiece of His Mercy in the world. 


Mary, Mother of Mercy is the inspiration for this year's scarf collaboration with Everthrift. At the center of this pure silk, ethically made scarf is our Redeemer, the source of Mercy itself. The pelican is an ancient Christian symbol representing Christ, as it was believed that pelicans would wound themselves to feed their young. Thomas Aquinas in his "Adoro Te" addresses the Savior as "Pelican of Mercy."


Circling the pelican is the crown of thorns, representing His passion. From this blooms an abundance of new life: flowers spreading to the four corners of the scarf, as His Mercy reaches the ends of the earth.


And so we see Mary, His and our Mother of Mercy, in that abundance:

  • Forget-me-nots are for "Our Lady's Eyes"
  • Morning glories for "Our Lady's Mantle" which lovingly envelops us
  • White orchid is our "Lady's Hand of Pity," inviting us to trust in His Mercy
  • Garden roses, for she is the "Mystical Rose" who is no stranger to beautiful suffering
  • Cowslip, "Our Lady's Keys," pointing to her role as Mediatrix of All Grace
  • Lastly, three bright poppies—Crucifixion Blood Drops—pepper the garden grown from the crown of thorns. His Most Precious Blood even sprinkles the petals and foliage, as it is the source, hope, and refuge of poor sinners. 

May something as simple as this scarf remind you of His unfathomable Divine Mercy and of His loving Mother who leads us to the fount of Mercy Itself. 


Mary, Mother of Mercy, pray for us!


Care: hand wash gently with baby shampoo for the best results. Harsh detergents or dry cleaning will strip colors. 

Mary Mother of Mercy Scarf - Large

  • Dry Clean or hand wash with baby shampoo in the sink.

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