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Versatile yet incredibly elegant, our Felicity skirt is the perfect item for dressing up or down depending on the occasion.  The stretchy yet textured material allows this fitted silhouette to hug every curve in a flattering yet modest way.  The unique pleated white and blue fabric creates the illusion of foaming waves crashing in the ocean. The handkerchief hem of the skirt was inspired by the altarcloth as it cascades over the corners of the altar.  This fitted mermaid skirt is every bit comfy as it is stunning with a hidden elastic waistband and two-way stretch. The hankerchief hem flares aid in freedom of movement. Skirt is fully Lined.


We named this skirt the "Felicity" after St. Felicity, who we call upon during the Eucharistic prayers. She gave birth in prison right before being sent to her martyrdom. Those who witnessed her death were in awe of her faith, noticing the milk that flowed from her breasts, indicating she was a new mother – laying down her life for Christ and the future of her child.

The Felicity Skirt


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