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This scarf has been reprinted to be double sided, and may be a bit darker than the original photos.


This pure silk scarf marries two things we love: florals and The Blessed Virgin Mary. 


In medieval times, hundreds of flowers were named as symbols of the life, mysteries and privileges of Mary. Every inch of the "Mary, Mother of the Church" scarf points to some deeper meaning. The gorgeous, plumed creamy Dahlia represents "The Church," the sweet blue geraniums as "The Gentle Virgin," and the Lilly of the Valley as "Our Lady's tears." The ivy border is reminiscent of medieval tapestry while beautiful hydrangeas peppered throughout say, "Ave Maria" or "Hail Mary."  Even the soft and organic foliage spilling over the border hearkens to Caravaggio's "Entombment of Christ" and echoing how Christ's hand extends over the painting as if reaching out to us. 


It's an incredibly versatile scarf that can be worn year around with all sorts of colors in all sorts of ways. Measures 20" x 20". 

Mary Mother of the Church - Small

  • Dry Clean or hand wash with baby shampoo in the sink.

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