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What To Wear For Holy Trinity Sunday

The Sunday after Pentecost is fittingly celebrated as Holy Trinity Sunday for the sake of contemplating the mystery of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sharing one divine nature. The Three Persons of the Trinity share in the same mission carried out in Pentecost: that all creation may be drawn back to the Creator and share in His glory. There is no hierarchy or division in this perfect exchange and communication of love that is the three Persons of the most Holy Trinity.

The Church declared this formal feast as a means to combat the heresies that spread like weeds among members in the early Church. The formal declarations through the Council of Nicaea and Church Fathers are all the more impactful when the Church chooses to worship with abandon through a solemnity.

Here are some options of ways you can ponder the mystery of the Trinity through your clothing and express this mystery of faith. Choose to reflect this solemnity through the color palette, materials, or silhouette.

Color Palette

Reflection: The vestments for this day are white since we celebrate the Trinity at the height of a solemn feast or solemnity. White expresses the victory already won in Christ and the purity of the Divine Nature shared by the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

What to wear: White or gold

Texture & Materials

Reflection: Mysteries in theology can be summed up as “something we can know something about but not everything about,” a well which never runs dry that we can infinitely draw from, an infinite art gallery that we can enjoy infinitely (Theology for Beginners, Frank Sheed).

What to wear: Chiffon, silk, lace or sheer materials to reflect the beauty of the veiled mystery of faith.


Reflection: The Holy Spirit is often referred to as ruah or “breath of God” as the Father breathed over the waters of creation in Genesis just as Jesus breathed onto the apostles to receive peace and ability to forgive sins in His name. The significance of breath being that which sustains us—all of creation is held by the love of the Holy Trinity. Similarly, God reveals His presence through a cloud as at Mount Sinai (Exodus 24:15-18) or during the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:5)—something that simultaneously reveals (His desire for relationship with us) and conceals (His transcendent attributes).

What to wear: Billowy garments balanced by fitted garments (the simultaneous intimacy and transcendence of the Holy Trinity)

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