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The Holy Family 

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“We all have wounds from being human. I believe that the Holy Family is the healing balm and hospital wing for those wounds. Wearing something that reminds me who (and whose I am) grounds me in love and safety, even in the smallest ways. I want every woman who wears our garments to feel confident in her own beloved-ness.”

Veronica Marrinan, Creative Director & Lead Designer

When researching inspiration for the collection, the classical art painting, Garland of Flowers with Adoration of the Shepherds by Frans Francken the Younger, served as a color palette for the rest of the collection.


Red for Christ’s Passion, ivory for Our Lady and St. Joseph’s purity, jade blue for Our Lady, sage green for St. Joseph, and gold for the gold gifted to the Christchild by the Magi.


“When designing this print, I kept being pulled to these vibrant, deep jewel tones. I tried fighting it for a bit but then I just gave in - I felt tugged to lean into the hidden majesty of the Holy Family through the color story.” 

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Made - To - Measure

Each garment from the Holy Family Collection is individually hand made, for your body. 

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Committed To Slow Fashion

Taking a new approach to the fashion industry’s fast paced production cycle, we will be releasing our Holy Family garments one item at a time.


This allows us to be more intentional in our production process, encouraging thoughtful purchases.

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